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Why your business should be using Facebook Live:

The numbers: Facebook has over 1.8 billion active users. But even more impressive is the fact that Facebook gets over four billion video views every day. What’s more, people spend 3X longer watching live video than native video

The domination: Video content is now outperforming every other type of content, even high-quality images. This is not just due to video’s storytelling capabilities but due to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram giving priority in their algorithms to video content, especially live video. And since Facebook Live is a new(ish) tool, most businesses and individuals haven’t fully embraced it yet. They might be afraid to or just don’t know how. Start using it now and you can move ahead of your competition. 

The effectiveness: Unlike most video content, Facebook Live videos are supposed to be unedited, raw, casual and low-budget (if not completely free). While you’re streaming, you can access real-time data such as how many people are watching, their names, and what they’re commenting. This allows you to make the video incredibly personal and engaging.

Convinced? Keep reading.

How you can use it today

1. Promote an event

Is your business planning on hosting an upcoming event? Use a Live video to answer popular questions about the event. Or film your team setting up to get people excited and remind them that it’s game time!

And if you’re hosting an event right now you can promote it in real-time. Showing your followers the action can not only get people showing up last minute but allow others who couldn’t make it join in on the action. It’s a win-win.

2. Give a fun, behind-the-scenes look at your business

If you run a popular restaurant, you can give customers a look at your menu-planning process or how you create your famous marinara sauce. If you’re a local print shop, give your customers a virtual tour of your facilities and show how your printing process works. The opportunities here are endless. 

3. Show off a new location

If you run a multi-location business, or you’re moving offices, give tours of your new location. For example, a boutique could show off its new storefront before it opens to build up the hype! This is not only fun for your customers but can also help your customers build a stronger personal connection with your business – which means brand loyalty!

4. Hold a Q&A session

Imagine you’re a gym owner or personal trainer. You probably get asked a lot of the same questions about health and fitness by your clients. Consider a Facebook Live event where you answer popular questions and even take questions in real-time as you stream. Your answers will reach a much larger audience than usual and this can build up your authority as an expert. These Q&As can also be used as a live customer service session in order to mass-distribute answers and advice.

5. Be a professor for a day 

If you own or manage a business, chances are, you’re good at something. Do you think your customers or followers would want to learn something from your experience or expertise? Teach it to them!

6. Promote a giveaway or contest

If your business ever hosts promotional giveaways, announce your winner via Live video! Throughout the contest’s life, repeat the day and time the announcement will take place to maximize your viewership. This is probably one of the easiest ways to get people to watch your Live video because it’s exciting and you’re giving something back to your customers. 

7. Show off your incredible employees

Introduce the newest members of your staff or team to the public by putting them on the live stream. This not only humanizes your brand and your business but can help build up your network from your individual employees’ networks. Meaning, if your individual employees positively interact with your brand online, their social networks will get more visibility of your brand. For local businesses, this can be a huge benefit because it enforces a sense of community.

8. Hire the best new talent 

Now that Facebook allows business to feature job openings on their pages, you can use video to spread the word. There’s only so much you can fit in a job description, so why not talk to your potential applicants instead? 62% of candidates research companies on social media before accepting an offer, so show them that you’re forward thinking, proactive, and fun with a Live stream just for them! It can also help build awareness of your job posts, so that’s another win-win.

9. Talk about your content

If your business has a blog or a newsletter, a Live video could be a great way of expanding upon the content you’ve posted. You could use the video to promote your new content, discuss why it’s important, and even answer questions or comments from the post itself.

10. Give a sneak peek of a new product

Imagine you own a fashion boutique that’s going to start selling a new line of jewelry. Or you own a car detailing shop that’s getting a popular new product in stock. Spread the word with a Facebook Live video where you can show the physical product, talk about it, answer questions, and tell people when and where to go to get it.

Still stumped?

If you’re still struggling to think of ideas for your business, start looking at other Live videos for inspiration! I think Guy Kawasaki’s are great, but you can also search for Live videos by subject. Type your subject into the search box at the top of your Facebook page, then select “Video” in the top tab.

You can also explore videos by geographic location by checking out the Live Map. I can get lost in this tool for hours. Here’s what that looks like in the U.S. below:

facebook live map
The bigger the circle, the more viewers! Source:

So you have your great idea…here’s how you GO LIVE: 

1. Beforehand, make a plan. What’s your goal with this Live stream? What do you want your viewers to get out of it? Write out a script or at the least bullet points you want to hit. 

2. Let your followers know about the Live video prior to streaming by posting about it across social media channels. It doesn’t have to just be on Facebook. This way, your followers can make sure they’re near a device to watch when it’s time.

3. Once you’re ready to get started, make sure of the following:

  1. You’re an Admin for your business page
  2. Your business page is verified by Facebook
  3. You have a mobile device handy and that your device’s connection is strong

4. Once you have those bases covered, you can open your Facebook Pages Manager app. From there, go to “Post” then click “Go Live”, enter a catchy description, and click “Go Live.”

5. During the stream, thank your viewers for watching and ask them to use the “Invite” button to invite their friends and to “Subscribe” to your feed.

6. Watch the comments and emojis your viewers send your way during the stream and adjust accordingly.

7. Once you’re done, the video is automatically saved to your Facebook page. From there, you can share it across platforms, embed it in blog posts, or delete it and start again!


Can you think of other great ways to use Facebook Live for businesses? Or have you already tried it? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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