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A few weeks ago Qualaroo announced that they were releasing a comprehensive guide to conversion rate optimization, similar to Moz’s beginners guide to SEO. The next question after “what do I want the users to do” needs to be “how do I get them to do that”. This guide covers everything from what Conversion Rate Optimization is to Tips and Hacks for CRO.

The comprehensive chapter list is as follows:

Chapter 1 – What is Conversion Rate Optimization

Chapter 2 – Why Conversion Rate Optimization is Important

Chapter 3 – The Basics of Conversion Rate Optimization

Chapter 4 – Building and Testing an Optimization Plan

Chapter 5 – User Experience and Funnel Optimization

Chapter 6 – Landing Page Optimization

Chapter 7 – Reducing Bounce and Exit Rates

Chapter 8 – Myths about Conversion Rate Optimization

Chapter 9 – Tools to Test and Optimize Conversion

Chapter 10 – Measuring Conversion Rate Efforts and Calling Winners

Chapter 11 – Bonus Advanced Tips and Hacks for CRO

Chapter 12 – Conclusion


All the information is easy to understand, simple to share and chalked full of valuable information. It’s simply a must read!

The complete guide can be downloaded and viewed here: Beginners Guide to CRO!